1 September, 2016

1st AYEC (MALAYSIA 2016)

In efforts to enhance market connectivity between the regional young entrepreneurs, the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council (AYEC) will be organising the 1st Asean Young Entrepreneurs Carnival. This carnival is a regional collaboration between Asean Young Entrepreneurs Council and will be held at MATRADE, Kuala Lumpur on 29th and 30th July 2016 at the side of AYEC’s 1st Annual General Meeting.

The Carnival will see participation from all 10 ASEAN member States (AMS), with a forum, exposition and Business Awards Programme all housed under one roof. This first-of-its-kind Carnival will be the only Asean programme under the economic pillar that is held in Malaysia for 2016. Some of the key thrusts of this carnival are elements related to digitalization and automation, start-up and e-commerce ecosystem, enhancement of intra-Asean trade, alternative access to finance, the Priority Integration Sectors of Asean, sharing of best practices and many more.


The Field is happening in Hall A & B on the ground floor of Menara MATRADE. There will be over 300 booths mixed between categories, industries and stages of your business, from the start-up lane to the ASEAN plots. If you have a business idea but don’t have the funding? Come and sign up for the Pitch Arena and get a chance to present in front of investors, venture capitalists and Angel investors. Perhaps you want to promote you business apart from your booth; sign up for The Podium for a slot to speak and present your business to entire crowd.

Maybe you want to show your skills in coding, join the developers bunk and sign up for the app competition. Or simply just demonstrate your skills and get new businesses.

We even have a dedicated start-up lane for those newbies. We support you too! Set-up and start selling your business, but if your business is older than 3 years old you don’t qualify. Although if your business has never been funded by an investor, and you merely bootstrapped your business then you qualify for the Bootstrap Jalan (it’s slightly cheaper).

Are you a designer? Are you in your own world of Alice in Wonderland? Then you can join the Design Exchange area. This is dedicated to the designers who make things creative & beautiful! It is aimed at creating a platform for a design community in Asia.

The expo was designed to suit the businesses and interests of young entrepreneurs in ASEAN. Bringing all together under one roof to share ideas, expand your borders and grow your businesses, or simply experience the energy for 2 days. Bringing ASEAN to you!

The Pitch

The Pitch Arena allows you to pitch your business idea to a panel of investors and other expo audience. It is a dedicated arena inside the expo where 2 to 3 investors will be seated on stage. Great opportunity to validate your idea! 15 mins and Q&A Session. Your slots will be arranged accordingly and subject to preliminary evaluation and first come first serve basis. This information will also be shared with the panelist that you will be presenting to.

The Podium

This is the centre stage of the expo. You can block a slot to speak and promote your business. It shall be in Hall B filled with slots, mentor hours and event throughout the day.

The Podium allows you to present your business to the AYEC audience in 30 mins and Q&A Session. Your slots will be arranged accordingly and subject to preliminary evaluation and first come first serve basis.


  • Web, Mobile, Internet Technology, E-Commerce, Services, Social Media
  • Gadgets, Hardwares, Electronics, Robotics
  • Green Tech, Environment, Social Enterprise, Biotechnology, Healthcare
  • Content, Broadcast, Educational, Game Development, AI, Augmented Reality
  • Security, Logistics, Financial, Softwares, Big Data, Networks, Productivity Tools, Server, Back End Technology
  • Non Tech Industries – Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Food, Construction, FMCG, Furniture, Automotive, etc

Mentor Hours

Where the best, the successful ones and the ones who aspiring and entrepreneurs want to hear. Learn from their struggles, advice and stories. Topics such as: Tips from Investors on how to pitch a winning product, Importance of book keeping, success stories and many more.

Development Bunk

This is a dedicated area for developers only of web & apps. Giving them their own space and highlight. Here there will also be having a coding camp for 2 days during the event. So join and show your skills or improve them.

New Tech

The latest newest technology will be here, from artificial intelligence to automation. We are living in the digital era here you will see what’s the best of what’s new in the tech world.

Bootstrap Jalan

This area are for the companies who have self-funded themselves & never taken in any investment. They are limited, so first come first serve. Each company must present proof of self-funding as well be in the market for at least 2 years and above.

Startup Lane

You’re a new company just starting out and want to get out to promote your amazing product or service. Although budgets may be low? Do not worry if you are a startup and your company has existed less than 2 years, you qualify. The space is not a booth, its smaller and you get a section on the lane enough for your laptop/tv and 2 people to stand. Pricing is the most affordable within the whole Field.


An ASEAN event has to be supported by ASEAN countries and companies! Here we dedicate this area to only companies that are from the other 9 ASEAN countries.

Design Exchange

An area dedicated to the design industry called DESIGN EXCHANGE ASIA (DEXA), starting in Malaysia. From architecture, fashion, graphic design to automotive design. This is the beginning of a design community in general starting at the AYE Carnival. To build a strong platform to have a louder voice, share ideas, explore, expand within ASEAN as one. It is a latent market of which is misunderstood. Sign up for this section is you are from any creative area.

Business Matching

Want to meet a specific company attending? Or person? Let us know and we will arrange the meeting for you!

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