31 August, 2016



The BOSS Awards (BA) is an awards programme organised by the Malaysian Association of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs (MAAYE). The BOSS Awards is designed to recognise the outstanding performers in the Malaysian and ASEAN young entrepreneur community, and furthermore to promote excellence, innovation and best practices in business entities. Judged in line with the broad aims of Malaysia in the regional economic integration process, the BOSS Awards is a unique platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their achievements in business and to further enhance market access within the region.

The BOSS Awards celebrates the achievements of the entire Malaysian young entrepreneur community below the age of 40 years in the continuous progress and pursuit for global excellence. Numerous candidates from across the peninsula and beyond are identified, shortlisted and evaluated accordingly.

AWARD Categories

  • Best Owner Success Story (Overall)
  • Best Organization Structure System (Growth)
    Demonstrated good organization practice for business growth
  • Best Online Support System (Digital/e-commerce)
  • Best Operation Support System (Innovation)
  • Best Outstanding Social Set-up (CSR)
  • People’s Choice Award (Based on votes from the public who visit maaye.org)
  • Best in F&B of the Year
  • Best Entertainment of the Year
  • Best Retail of the Year
  • Best Electronics of the Year
  • Best Creative Mind of the Year

Evaluation Process

The BOSS Awards Programme places particular emphasis on the evaluation system in identifying the outstanding recipients in each respective category. In order to preserve the prestige and recognition that accompany the awards, the business performances of each candidate is put under a stringent audit and evaluation process undertaken by professionals and under the authority and supervision of an esteemed panel of judges.

For 2016 BOSS Awards the panel of Judges are:

  • YBhg. Dato’ Rohana Ramly (Chairman)
  • YBhg. Prof. Datuk Dr. N.Marimuthu
  • Mr. K. Tharmapalan Balan
  • YBhg. Datuk Abdul Razak Abdul
  • Advisor: En. Raja Badrulnizam b Raja Kamalzaman

Under the advisory of the panel, professional auditors are entrusted to undertake the evaluation and filtering process, a benchmark merit point basis derived from a comparative and categorical system of audit.

Candidates are initially evaluated under five core criteria, namely:


The Growth criteria evaluates the viable prospects and actual growth progress of each business entity.

Human Capital Development

The Human Capital Development criteria identifies the efficient management of operations and the provision of opportunities, training and benefits of human resource development.


The Innovation category takes into consideration the innovative and pioneering efforts of businesses in the enhancement of their products and services.

Social Entrepreneurship

The Social Entrepreneurship criteria merits the social entrepreneurship initiatives undertaken by the candidates.


The Digitalisation criteria focuses on efforts towards and capitalisation of digital technology in business practices.

A 10 point merit system is deployed in depicting the performances of each candidate under the identified categories. At this point, the outstanding performers in each category begin to surface and are grouped according to their respective industries. Upon the completion of the initial process, the ratings of each candidate are then merged to ascertain the overall performance in comparison to other players in the relevant industry.

The findings from the evaluation are regularly communicated to the panel of judges for review, consideration and approval during the Judges’ Meetings. The regular communication with the judges allow for new and relevant information to be endorsed and included in the performance and information database of the candidates. As these efforts progress, eventual recipients of the awards begin to be identified and shortlisted accordingly via the performance merit system.

In the final process, these outstanding performers are again evaluated collectively by the panel of judges. The final list of recipients is then concluded and endorsed officially prior to being revealed to the members of the organising committee. The committee will then in turn be entrusted to inform the respective recipients formally in writing. The BOSS Awards is accompanied by an official certificate from MAAYE and a trophy, both presented to the recipients by the Guest of Honour at the Gala Dinner event organised to commemorate and celebrate the achievements of the BOSS Award recipients.


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